BLUEBIRD RIDGE Registered Texas Longhorns

Gary & Lisa Baugher

Arkansas City, Kansas

Running L Hope's Eleana

Running L Hope's Eleana - Photo 5/28/12
D.O.B.: 03/14/2010


Beautiful black and white heifer with flat horns owned by Running L Ranch. Great pedigree.

        Hunts Demands Respect
{ Hunts Super Expectation {
Hunts Emperor Clabber
Rafter B Zorro    
WM Rodeo
  Miss Rodeo {
L Pale Lily
J.R. Flash
{ J.R. Hocus Pocus {
J.R. Hope
Blessed Hope    
J.R. Rangago
  J.R. Bless You {
J.R. Royal Blessing

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Gary & Lisa Baugher
5316 Halibut Point Rd.
Sitka, AK 99835

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