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Purple Jet

Purple Jet
D.O.B.: 04/03/2002


The Purple Sage x Whelma Jet cross is amazing! Purple Jet, placed 2nd in the Horn Showcase, missing 1st place by 5/8" with a measurement of 50 1/8" on 11/15/2003! Last year's full brother, Sage's Reflection, now owned by Dakota Longhorns, Worthing SD, has tremendous horns, size and color and placed 2ndthe 2006 Horn Showcase. His early horn measurements are right on track to be a contender there. Whelma Jet has only had two heifers, an Easy Street KK daughter, and she is owned by Brown Brothers Cattle Company and Mirror Image, her 2006 calf. Purple Jet measured 57" at 2 years old.

{ Roundup {
Roundup's Purple Sage    
  Eveready {
Bail Jumper
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Better Yet
Whelma Jet    
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Ozark Mountain Queen

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